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Cambelt Replacement

A Cambelt or Timing Belt is the fundamental rubber belt that connects the crankshaft to the camshaft. The crankshaft is located at the bottom of the engine and rotates, moving the pistons up and down the cylinder. The camshaft is at the top of the engine, rotates, opens the inlet valves and exhaust valves.
When the cambelt breaks or fails the valve/piston timing goes out of sync and the pistons hit the valves causing thousands of pounds in damage.
Each vehicle manufacturer has different recommended intervals for cambelt replacement.
When your cambelt replacement is due there are 3 options:-
1. Replace the cambelt and auxiliary belt only. This is the cheapest option but the pulleys, rollers and water pump don’t get changed.

2. Replace cambelt and auxiliary belt with kits which include belts, rollers and tensioners. But does not include the water pump.

3. At Millers we recommend replacing the cambelt with a cambelt kit, auxiliary belt kit and water pump all at same time. Yes this is the most expensive option for the extra parts but would you want to replace the cambelt again after 6 months because the water pump is leaking or pulley is noisy. Eine entscheidung nach absatz 1 und absatz 2 satz 2, absatz 3 satz 2 und absatz 4 satz 2 ist nach einer frist von fünf jahren ab dem datum des prüfungszeugnisses ausgeschlossen.